• IGFA Rules and tackle specifications apply.
  • A licensed guide must accompany all anglers.
  • Tarpon Qualifier:  In order for points to count from any qualifying species caught by a team, a Tarpon must be caught by that team during the tournament.
  • Only one (1) working rod per angler is allowed in the water at any time.  This means a maximum of two (2) working rods allowed per boat.  Your guide is not an angler.  Your guide can not cast the rod, hook, or fight a fish at any time for that fish to count for points.
  • Fishing may occur in Pole-able depth flats only.  No fishing in man-made canals, marinas, under docks, or under lights regardless of pole-able depth.
  • Fly and Spin/ Plug division are artificial lure categories.  No tipping of lures is permitted .  Bait or tipping is permitted only in the Bait Division.  LIP GAFFS AND CHUMMING ARE PROHIBITED IN ALL DIVISIONS.
  • Maximum allowable time on the water (first line in the water to last line out of the water) is 8 hours.  There is no specified start time for fishing on tournament days, but lines must be out of the water by 3:00 PM.  A fish hooked before the 3:00 PM/ 8 Hour deadline  may be fought beyond  ending time and still count for points.
  • Points will be awarded for Tarpon, Permit, and Bonefish only, as described in the Tournament Points.  Zero (0) points will be awarded for any other species. 
  • The total points scored per boat will determine the winners of Smitty & Al’s Tarpon Bonanza.  Although prizes may be awarded for individual achievement,  the T.C.O.D. Cup is a team award.
  • The penalty for violation of the Tournament rules is a 100% point reduction for the violating team (both for team and individual points).  All protests must be directed to the tourney chairmen, and all decisions are final.
  • To count a fish as caught it must have both simultaneously:  Leader to tip, and Guide’s hand on leader. 
  • To qualify for points in the measured Tarpon categories, fish must actually be measured and documented (measurements are from tip to fork in tail).
  • All anglers submitting points must document the time that their fish was hooked and landed.
  • The T.C.O.D. Cup will be awarded to the team that accumulates the most points.  In the event of a tie, the Cup will go to the team with the most species caught (max. 3).  If a deadlock still remains, the champions will be determined by the time that the last fish of the three species  was hooked.  The team with the earlier time will be declared champions.

Smitty & Al's Tarpon Bonanza